Unique perspectives
Unique perspectives
Laziness is a lie

Laziness is a lie

I am talking today about the fact that laziness is a lie.

“Laziness is a lie” is an essay from Devon Price.

They reckon laziness is a Western cultural construct defined by 3 attributes:

1 Your worth is defined by your productivity
2 You can't trust your needs or limitations as they are barrier to productivity
3 There is always more you can be doing 

This locks in a system that has been self-reinforcing.

Think about childhood examples “if you don’t work hard enough you will become a homeless person”. Or the idea that some type of people by essence are likely to become homeless.

The objection that you may slow down only if you are rich enough is being fought against by Trisha Hersey.

Not in the sense that everybody is able to take a pause if they want (hence they just need to stop being lazy) but more that we must fight for everybody to get decent sleeps and naps.

Check out Trisha Hersey too at the Nap Ministry -  https://thenapministry.com/

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Unique perspectives
Unique perspectives
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